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Professional Oral Surgeon in Woodbridge

Welcome to Peridot Dental Care. We proudly specialize in advanced oral surgery in Woodbridge. If you have received a recommendation for having a type of oral surgery procedure, we strongly advise you to visit our clinic promptly. Our skilled oral surgeons in Woodbridge are dedicated to delivering a full scope of successful and affordable oral surgeries, including tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants, root canal therapy, all conveniently available at our clinic. If you are looking for professional yet affordable treatments such as dental implants in Woodbridge or endodontics in Woodbridge, do not hesitate to visit us; we are always here to help you. 


The Advantages of Oral Surgery

Our expert dentist surgeons, who specialize in oral surgery in Woodbridge, stress the following benefits of oral surgery:


- Preserving your natural teeth by restoring their function and appearance through effective root canal therapy.

- Transforming and upgrading your smile through various cosmetic surgery procedures.

- Relieving dental discomfort experienced by individuals undergoing wisdom teeth extraction.


If you are seeking to enjoy these advantages, the highly skilled Woodbridge oral surgeons at Peridot Dental Care are always ready to help you. Our oral dental clinic is fully committed to delivering advanced oral surgery services in Woodbridge


Various Oral Surgical Procedures

Oral surgery involves a diverse range of surgical interventions conducted by specialized professionals within or around the mouth tissues. These procedures encompass a wide spectrum, from simple extractions of teeth to intricate teeth implant placements. Among the most commonly encountered oral surgeries are:


  • Extracting impacted wisdom teeth
  • Performing root canal therapy
  • Conducting bone grafting surgery
  • Carrying out dental implant procedures


The successful execution of oral surgery, whether it is a straightforward or complex procedure, necessitates expertise and experience to ensure favorable results and minimize the likelihood of complications during the post-operative phase. At Peridot Dental Care, our Woodbridge oral and facial surgery specialists possess the requisite skills to diagnose and treat various oral and maxillofacial conditions through exceptional oral surgery.


Our highly-trained oral dentists have undergone extensive training in sedation dentistry techniques, guaranteeing stress-free dental visits for our valued patients. To arrange an appointment for emergency oral surgery near Woodbridge, please feel free to contact our office without delay. We can claim to have one of the best oral surgeons near Woodbridge and the surrounding area.

FAQs about Our Professional Oral Surgeries in Woodbridge

Since there are various ranges of oral surgeries, the number of patients who visit our clinic with a lot of questions about dental surgeries is countless. That is why our highly skilled professional dental surgeons in Woodbridge have provided a list of frequently asked questions in this regard. 

 Before undergoing oral surgery, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential minor complications associated with any surgical procedure. Our Woodbridge oral surgeon has compiled a list of these risks to provide you with relevant information:

Infection: It is essential to choose a highly skilled and experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon for your procedure to minimize the risk of infection. However, if you notice unusual swelling or discharge of pus around the surgical sites, it is important to seek emergency dental care. In some cases, patients may also experience fever or an unpleasant taste in their mouth.

Jaw Fracture: During the extraction of wisdom teeth, there is a possibility of experiencing a painful jaw fracture. Individuals with thin or weak jaw bones are more susceptible to this complication during the necessary dental surgery.

As mentioned earlier by our professional dentistry surgeons in Woodbridge, there is a wide range of dental surgeries. So, the cost varies based on the type of the surgery. Besides, there are other factors affecting the cost, including the severity of the case and the dental surgeon who is going to perform the surgery for you. 


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