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My dentist suggested I have my wisdom teeth removed. Is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

Wisdom teeth may not need to be removed if they are healthy, grown in completely, positioned correctly and biting properly with their opposing teeth and able to be cleaned as part of daily hygiene practices.

If they are not able to emerge normally, wisdom teeth become impacted. Sometimes this can result in infection or can cause a cyst that can damage other teeth roots or bone support.

Sometimes they emerge partially through the gums. Because this area is hard to see and clean, wisdom teeth become a magnet for bacteria that cause gum disease and infection.

If wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to come in properly, they may crowd or damage nearby teeth.

Some dentists recommend removing them if they don’t fully emerge. Many dentists believe it’s better to remove wisdom teeth at a younger age, before the roots and bone are fully formed, and when recovery is faster.