Invisalign before and after

Do you hate your smile? Would you like to get straighter, well-aligned teeth without wearing braces made of metal? If yes, then Invisalign would be appropriate for you. This is because it is a clear alternative to braces, which can deliver a smile makeover within a period as short as six months. We are going to introduce you to Invisalign in this article by explaining what it is, how it works and why it’s the most suitable choice for your orthodontic needs.

We will also give some amazing Invisalign before and after results that our Woodbridge patients have achieved with the help of Peridot Dental Care. We provide more information about the Invisalign treatment process and how one can begin their journey towards getting treated today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Invisalign consists of transparent aligners that are worn over time so as to push teeth towards desired positions.

  • It is used in treating various dental problems, including crowding, spacing, overbite, underbite, cross bite, and open bite.

  • The benefits of using Invisalign instead of traditional braces include better comfort level for wearing them, improved convenience when using them or replacing them after meals or drinks; they look more pleasing than traditional braces, making one feel confident enough when smiling at people and better oral health maintenance compared to having metal brackets attached on the teeth.

  • A certified provider in Woodbridge named Peridot Dental Care offers personalized and Invisalign services meant for all groups.

  • Woodbridge’s Peridot Dental Care has brought several wonderful before-and-after results among its patients who have applied to Invisalign by viewing the images below.

  • You can start your invisibility online service quickly by booking a free consultation with Peridot Dental Care today!

Understanding Invisalign: The Clear Path to a Perfect Smile

Invisalign before and after

For example, unlike conventional disciplinary methods such as braces, which employ wires and brackets to shift teeth alignment, Invisalign is a novel orthodontic system that moves your teeth into the perfect place using clear custom aligners. The special feature of Invisalign is that it consists of invisible, removable and comfortable aligners.

If you have Invisalign braces, you will only be required to wear them for 20-22 hours each day except when eating or brushing your teeth. Every two weeks in the course of your treatment, you will receive new trays to put on progressively moving towards the target point. Your range can be anywhere from 12 to 48 trays or six months to one year and a half, according to how severe the case is.

Invisalign can treat a wide range of dental problems, such as:

Crowding: This occurs when there isn’t enough space in the mouth for all of the adult teeth; hence, they overlap and become twisted.

Spacing: There are gaps between our teeth due to the loss of some teeth, their small size, or increased jaw size.

Overbite: When the front top row overlaps with the bottom front row resulting in a deep bite which can impact upon how you bite and look.

Underbite: Lower incisors are located beyond the upper ones, causing reverse overjets, which may cause temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) as well as facial changes.

Crossbite: Whereby some upper teeth bite inside lower ones, resulting in malocclusion, thus leading to tooth erosion and gum disease.

Open bite: There is no contact between upper and lower front incisors during biting, leaving a gap that affects speech pronunciation ability while chewing back food.

For instance, if you have any of these problems or merely want to enhance your smile, then Invisalign could be the best choice for you. To see whether you qualify for Invisalign, you can take a free online smile assessment on the Invisalign website or go to Peridot Dental Care for an expert examination.

Invisalign before and after result in Woodbridge

Invisalign before and after

In this regard, looking at some Invisalign before and after result of our patients from Woodbridge who have undergone the Invisalign treatment will help us understand how amazing it is. Their smiles have been transformed by Invisalign, giving them more confidence and happiness. Despite their crowding, spacing, overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite thus, envisaging was able to rectify all dental challenges they might have had in life, making them happy again with their dream smiles. Look at some of our success stories below:

This means that through the installation of invisible clear aligners known as “Invisalign,” your purposeful beauty can certainly change both your face and smile dramatically. If you need to become part of our happy Invisalign clients, call Peridot Dental Care now so that we can schedule your free consultation today. Henceforth, we shall be glad to present you with more invisible braces Invisalign before and after, together with answering any queries that may seem unclear.

How Invisalign Technology Works: Straightening Teeth Made Easy

Invisalign before and after

The alternative option to wearing braces nowadays is by using Invisalign, which is also a clear retainer used in the teeth alignment process. Advanced technology has enabled the Invisalign labs to come up with aligners that fit into your mouth perfectly during treatment periods. This is how it works:

First Consultation: Mapping Out Your Invisalign Plan

Invisalign before and after

To initiate your Invisible Braces treatment plan, visit us at Peridot Dental Care for a complimentary appointment. We will inspect your set of teeth during this session, take digital X-rays as well as photographs, and finally employ a 3D scanner to have an accurate impression of your teeth. With Invisalign software, we will then create a digital replica of your teeth while we also show you how the different sets of aligners move them. At this point, you will see the final smile preview and period for your treatment as well. Additionally, it would help if you let us know what our aspirations are regarding jaw alignment as well as any misgiving that could exist.

Impression To Aligners: The Making Of Your Invisalign

Invisalign before and after

Once you approve your Invisalign plan, it is sent digitally to the Invisalign lab, where they use the latest state-of-the-art 3D printing technology in order to make your aligners. SmartTrack is the name of the smooth, clear, flexible plastic material from which each one is made so that it fits perfectly over your mouth, applying slight unvarying pressure in order to shift them around.

Also, these aligners come with small tooth-colored protrusions known as smart force  attachments placed at various points on their surface, which assist in keeping them firm on teeth both when biting and rotating through them. We expect that within a few weeks henceforth we shall receive our first set of invisible braces for home consumption, whereby multiple ones will follow suit weeks later from our office.

Peridot Dental Care’s Expert Orthodontists: Your Invisalign Partners

As a patient, you will be under the care and supervision of our experienced orthodontists at Peridot Dental Care during your Invisalign treatment. Every six to eight weeks, we will examine your progress and then give you the new aligners. Also, if needed, we can make some adjustments or refine your treatment plan. We have the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, which helps us in tracking your tooth movements against the original plan for comparison purposes. We also use the Invisalign Remote Monitoring app that enables the scanning of teeth by smartphones and sending pictures to us. That way, we can keep an eye on your progress no matter how far away you are, as well as offer you advice and instructions.

Choosing Invisalign instead of traditional braces brings several benefits.

In addition to being effective, Invisalign is also easy to use and comfortable. Invisalign offers many benefits over conventional braces:

Cosmetic: You can smile without any worry about wearing your aligners invisibly because they cannot be perceived by anybody, unlike other people’s knowledge of this fact. Special occasions such as weddings, graduations or photo shoots may also demand their removal.

Comfort: It is not possible with metal braces since they irritate gums and cheeks, resulting in inflammation as well as ulceration while being smooth on them partially due to their softness, unlike teeth correctors composed of wire brackets. Furthermore, it eliminates pain every time one tightens or adjusts their metal braces.

Convenience: It is possible to remove the aligners from your mouth whenever; hence, there is no requirement to be careful with what goes into the mouth like food sticking into braces, which might necessitate a change later on after eating. Moreover, cleaning them only requires dental equipment apart from using the toothbrushes and pastes normally employed each day for oral hygiene practices.

Hygiene: Cleaning those aligners takes either a quick rinse with water or the utilization of items specifically manufactured for Invisalign as a cleaning system. Also, you are likely to have better oral hygiene practices by avoiding the accumulation of plaque along braces, thereby leading to cavities, gum diseases, or halitosis.

Personalized Invisalign Treatments at Peridot Dental Care in Woodbridge

We are certified providers of Invisalign in Woodbridge and offer affordable customized treatments for all age groups at Peridot Dental Care. We have the experience, know-how, and
technology necessary to give you the best smile with Invisalign.

This is what we do:

A complimentary consultation: We provide free consultations on Invisalign, where we assess your teeth, show you a 3D model of how your smile will look, and answer any questions that may arise in this regard.

Customized treatment plan: For instance, based on the situation within a tooth’s structure relative to one’s dental health condition towards personal preferences, among other things, we come up with personalized plans using this mode. At the same time, an estimate is provided on how much it will cost as well as how long it may take.

Flexible payment options: We aim to make sure that everyone affords Invisalign since its value exceeds mere cosmetic requirements through reasonable payment schemes