Restorative Vs. Cosmetic: Which Dentist Do You Need to Visit?


As different fields of dentistry are developing day by day, people become more confused when they want to visit a dentist. It’s critical to understand what your needs are and how each dentist offers specific services in order to save you time and money. Otherwise, you will be even more confused and won’t gain the results you desire. Two of the most popular dentists are cosmetic and restorative professionals, which seem to be significantly similar. At Period Dental Care, our experts explain which professional you need to visit after they detect your true needs and preferences. But still, you need to have some basic information about their responsibilities and the main differences between those two popular specialists. It helps you make a wider decision and achieve better outcomes in the end. In today’s blog, our experienced restorative and cosmetic dentists in Woodbridge clarified how these two branches are different and every other thing you have to know. 

Who Are They? 

Briefly, a restorative dentist is focused on restoring the health of your gums and teeth when they are damaged to give you a beautiful smile with no more imperfections. They always prefer your oral wellness over beauty, and aesthetics is their second priority. Our clinic has the best restorative specialists in Woodbridge, and you can visit them for quality services. On the other hand, cosmetic dentists are more focused on the visual representation and aesthetic. 

What Are the Differences? 

  1. Necessity or Option:One of the main differences is that restorative dentistry is necessary because it can repair your damaged teeth before it gets too late and prevent further oral wellness issues. On the other hand, cosmetic procedures depend on your personal choice. You may just want our bleaching services in Woodbridge to make your teeth whiter so you can have a perfect smile. There is no necessity in cosmetic services and the main goal is always your beauty. 
  2. Function or Appearance:The major aim of restorative specialists is your mouth functioning. They detect main oral well-being issues like overbite, jaw problems, underbite, and so on and fix them with the highest quality procedures. They may even cooperate with our experienced Woodbridge orthodontists for optional results. However, cosmetic specialists are significantly focused on enhancing your dental aesthetics. 
  3. Cost-Effective or Expensive: Fortunately, most restorations are covered by dental insurance, and the ultimate price is affordable for most patients. However, cosmetic dental treatments are always expensive and not fully covered by most insurance, which is why people with low budgets may avoid them. Moreover, the materials used by these two different specialists are different. For instance, cosmetic dentists use expensive but quality crowns to improve your smile, while our restorative professionals may use normal crowns in Woodbridge to repair your damaged tooth. 

How Are Veneers Categorized? 

They are one of the most demanded and popular options, but many don’t know which category veneers belong to. Generally speaking, our veneer services in Woodbridge are a cosmetic approach to improve one’s smile in most cases. 

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