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As a parent, you need to take very good care of your child and be cautious about every little sign. One of the most important aspects of your child’s health is their smile. You need to maintain your beautiful smile and keep it as healthy as possible. However, it seems like an impossible mission for many parents because most children love sweet snacks and don’t know how to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. All these factors increase the chance of dental problems, which isn’t very good news. You can visit our experienced pediatric dentists in Peridot Dental Care to understand how you can preserve your child’s oral well-being in the best way possible. A very common problem most children experience is a cavity. As our emergency dentists in Woodbridge explain, it’s the most prevalent problem in the field of pediatric dentistry, and it’s important for parents to have enough information in order to deal with this condition. This blog gathers all the important things parents have to know about the first cavity their child may experience. Continue to read to achieve this valuable information!

What Is This Condition?

It’s a hole in your tooth caused by harmful bacteria in your mouth. There are many different reasons explaining this problem, but visiting a professional dentist is the best way since they can detect the underlying cause using the best technology. Our dentists use the best X-ray technology in Woodbridge to make sure they can notice all minor and major symptoms of probable issues. Cavity is very common among children and can put their oral health in a very serious danger.

What Can a Pediatric Dentist Do?

  1. The process of treating milk teeth has no difference from adult teeth.
  2. The dentist starts to remove the decayed part of the tooth in the first stage.
  3. Then, they fill it with a proper type of dental restoration. Our restorative dentists in Woodbridge use the highest quality of materials during this process to make sure you experience a very good treatment.
  4. Finally, they adhere the material to the damaged tooth.

You can make sure that dentists use the proper dose of sedation for your child to make them comfortable and numb during the process. These sedations are totally safe and are only used to relax the children. Our pediatric dentists offer the best sedation dentistry services in Woodbridge, and you can make sure your child’s experience will be smooth.

What Are the Causes?

As mentioned, there are many different reasons that can explain this problem.

  • Your child doesn’t maintain a good oral hygiene routine. You can take them to our experienced Woodbridge oral hygienists so they can learn all the important tips and instructions about dental cleaning.
  • The saliva in your child’s mouth is less than normal.
  • Your child isn’t used to visiting a dentist regularly for a checkup. Our clinic offers the best dental care services in Woodbridge, and your child should start regular visits to preserve their shiny smile.
  • They consume too many sugary snacks.

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