gateway pediatric dentistry

Gateway Pediatric Dentistry is a leading dental practice specializing in providing top-notch dental care for children.

Our Mission: At Gateway Pediatric Dentistry, our mission is to ensure every child achieves optimal oral health in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Gateway Pediatric Dentistry


Services Offered

Preventive Care: Regular check-ups, cleanings, and fluoride treatments to keep children’s smiles healthy.

Restorative Dentistry: Fillings, crowns, and other treatments to repair damaged teeth and restore oral health.

Emergency Care: Immediate attention for dental emergencies to alleviate pain and address urgent dental needs.

Gateway Pediatric Dentistry


Why Choose Gateway Pediatric Dentistry?

Experienced Pediatric Dentists: Our team of experienced pediatric dentists has a deep understanding of children’s dental needs.

Child-Friendly Environment: We create a welcoming and kid-friendly atmosphere to make dental visits enjoyable for children.

Advanced Technology: Gateway Pediatric Dentistry utilizes the latest dental technology to provide high-quality care.

Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

  • Early dental visits help establish good oral health habits.
  • Preventive care can prevent dental issues and save on costly treatments later.
  • Regular dental check-ups ensure the early detection of any developing dental problems.

Gateway Pediatric Dentistry emphasizes the importance of early dental care in maintaining healthy smiles for life. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional care for every child that walks through our doors.

Contact us today to schedule a dental appointment for your child and start them on the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Frequently Asked Questions For Gateway Pediatric Dentistry


What Is The Best Age For A Child’s First Dental Visit?


The best age for a child’s first dental visit is around one year old, or within six months of their first tooth erupting.


How Often Should Children Have Dental Check-ups?


Children should have dental check-ups every six months to ensure their oral health is monitored and any issues are addressed promptly.


What Are The Benefits Of Fluoride Varnish For Children’s Teeth?


Fluoride varnish can help prevent tooth decay, strengthen enamel, and protect children’s teeth from acid attacks.


How Can Parents Help Kids Overcome Fear Of The Dentist?


Parents can help by staying calm, using positive language, and reading books about dental visits to familiarize children with the experience.

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